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In the business-to-business market it is increasingly difficult to differentiate one company’s offering from another.

We will examine the many and varied marketing techniques that are available to you and your brand.

Are you spending a never ending amount of money trying to get your website on the first page of Google but seem to be going nowhere? Or is your website doing really well and you now want more ways to achieve media coverage? Well either way, JM Marketing can help your business using online PR tactics.

Online PR now complements traditional PR and marketing strategies to achieve media coverage, and we are industry experts at using online tactics to achieve top results for your business. The benefit of using online PR is that stories reach a global audience; it uses a mix of press releases, social media and newsletters to get media attention.

Integrating online PR and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your news reach far more people than before, and JM Marketing will embrace this task. We influence a variety of key areas that are important components of SEO; these components are then integrated into our online PR strategies.

How we contribute:

  • We tailor our online PR tactics to suit you.
  • We discuss the typical keywords used on your site, which we then incorporate into our press releases, keeping search engines in mind.
  • We make a habit of optimising the spokesperson’s language whenever we talk about the company or products.

Social media has given the general public unprecedented influence in building a brand or destroying a reputation. Media platforms such as blogs, social networking and video sharing can have as much, if not more impact on a company than a print version. These platforms are valuable focus areas for online PR.

We can help you monitor what’s happening in social media, measure the effect of these results, and draw meaningful conclusions from the findings.

 To get you started and to learn more about online PR call the JM Marketing team on 01536 414555, or email